The Tennessee Vols are still in it!

There has been a long time rivalry between the Vols and the Wildcats. Kentucky has not beat Tennessee in Knoxville since 1984. Tennessee won today 49-36. The team is looking amazing everyone stepped up this week to ensure this deserving win; especially, Kamara, Jennings, Malone, Kelly, Smith, and Wolf. The teams chemistry looks to be at an all-time high. To top off this amazing win our QB broke a Tennessee record; Joshua Dobbs made his 27th career rushing touchdown during the Kentucky game. “It’s great to be a Tennessee Vol!”

            Tennessee has two games left and they need to win both to go to the SEC championships.

Scoring Summary

KTY 1st Qtr 13:09 Stanley Boom Williams 10 yd run (Austin MacGinnis kick)
TENN 1st Qtr 10:54 Josh Smith 24 yard pass from Joshua Dobbs (Aaron Medley kick)
KTY 1st Qtr 3:31 Austin MacGinnis 37 yd FG
TENN 1st Qtr 1:30 Joshua Dobbs 1 yd run (Aaron Medley kick)
KTY 2nd Qtr 9:27 Austin MacGinnis 25 yd FG
TENN 2nd Qtr 6:27 Ethan Wolf 10 yd pass from Joshua Dobbs (Aaron Medley kick)
KTY 3rd Qtr 12:05 Austin MacGinnis 33 yd FG
TENN 3rd Qtr 10:08 Josh Malone 51 yd pass from Joshua Dobbs (Aaron Medley kick)
TENN 3rd Qtr 3:18 Alvin Kamara 17 yd run (Aaron Medley kick)
KTY 4th Qtr 12:30 Jojo Kemp 71 yd run (failed 2pt Rush)
TENN 4th Qtr 11:51 Joshua Dobbs 45 yd run (Aaron Medley kick)
TENN 4th Qtr 7:12 Alvin Kamara 29 yd run (Aaron Medley kick)
KTY 4th Qtr 3:58 Sihiem King 24 yd run (Austin MacGinnis kick)
KTY 4th Qtr 1:41 Stephen Johnson 2 yd run (Austin MacGinnis kick)
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