He is a junior 6’4 running back for the University of Tennessee Volunteers. During his freshman and sophomore year he rushed for 2,187 yards, made 17 touchdowns, and caught 57 passes for 411 yards and 4 touchdowns. He  was ranked 12th in the program’s all-time rushing record coming into his junior year and ranked fifth in career 100-yard games with 10.

“He was named the Most Valuable Player of the 2016 Outback Bowl when he rushed for 130 yards on 24 carries in a win over Northwestern.”

Hurd hasn’t came out publicly with a reason to why he wants to the program. Butch Jones however, has came out with positive words supporting Hurd in his decision and thanking him for everything he has done for the UT football program.

      Hurd has very few options now. He can transfer to any other college football program, but according to NCAA rules clearly prohibit him from starting during the 2016-17 spring season. The earliest he can play competitively in the NCAA is the 2017-18 season. He can still go on for the 2017 NFL draft,but he will need to inform the NFL  January.

My Thoughts : 

I do not think that Jalen Hurd is making the right decision. He was so close to breaking Tennessee’s record and Jones said himself that Hurd has a great chance of being the Heisman trophy winner. Since Hurd will not be able to play until the 2018 season, he is missing out on breaking that record and continuing to increase his touchdown and rushing yards count. If Hurd indeed does want to play for the NFL, which I am sure he plan too, then he is making an even bigger mistake. Hurd would have a much better chance of being drafted sooner or period if he stayed with the Vols. Hurd allegedly is leaving because he wants to play WR or TE. If he were to stay at UT as a RB than he would have broken the school record, been a potential Heisman trophy candidate/ winner, and would have been able to play football period instead of waiting until the 2018 season.  In my opinion playing for the SEC period would have been an even better look, since they are the best college football conference. Tennessee has only improved and we will continue to with or without Hurd. We have amazing running backs and wide receivers that will carry us through this season, like my personal favorite Alvin Kamara (5’10, 215lbs Jr). Kamara is only one of the many talented players that have carried the team this year and not much will change when Hurd leaves.

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