It was a great day at Nissan Stadium in Nashville. The Titans led the Broncos until the fourth quarter. Tennessee ended up hanging in the fourth quarter and winning the game 13-10.

On the other hand, this game got a little heated between the teams. At the end of a play Douglas took a “cheap shot” dive at Harris’ knee. The tackle was illegal and wasn’t called. On the next play Talib retaliated costing him a 15 yard penalty. Both teams got involved in the fight that happened on the sideline initially between Douglas and Talib.

Overall I hope that this game is a confidence builder for the Titans. They need to win out to have a chance to be eligible for the playoffs.


-Chiefs beat Raiders                                                      -Dolphins beat Cardinals

-Steelers beat Bills                                                         -Panthers beat Chargers

-Titans beat Broncos                                                        -Bengals beat Browns

-Redskins beat Eagles                                                   -Lions beat Bears

-Texans beat Colt                                                            -Vikings beats Jaguars

-Jets beat 49ers                                                                -Buccaneers beat Saints

-Falcons beat Rams                                                        -Packers beat Seahawks

-Giants beat Cowboys                                                   -Patriots beat Ravens