Q1 & Q2

          This game started off a little shaky for the Titans.

Titans were down 0-14 at the end of the first quarter. In the second quarter the Titans scored a TD and the Chiefs made a FG, making the score 7-17.

No points were scored in the Q3.


           The Titans’ defense stepped up in the last quarter stopping the Chiefs from scoring, while the offense continued to make plays. Derrick Henry was able to score his second touchdown of the day, making the score 16-17, Chiefs up by one.Image result for derrick henry chiefs


          The Titans received the ball with 1:07 left on the play clock and no timeouts.

Mariota throws to Matthews to get the 1st down, then throws an incomplete pass that stops the clock with 40 seconds to go. QB sets up and throws a quick pass to Walker at midfield, making it 3rd & 4. Mariota throws to Walker again taking them into the FG range, so Mariota quickly downs the ball with 5 seconds left.

Succop’s 1st 53 yard FG attempt is short, but luckily the chiefs called a timeout right before the snap. They set up again and he makes his 1st game winning FG giving the Titans a 19-17 win over the Kansas City Chiefs!

Image result for titans vs chiefs field goal